We mix business and wellness.


Mental Health Therapy

We know finding a therapist can be challenging. Specifically if you are in the BIPOC community and want to connect with someone with a similar background. Contact us for a list of our network of therapist.

Behavioral Health Consulting Services

A full service suite of strategic planning, executing, implementing and coaching for Behavioral Health providers, non profits, local government and small business focused on community wellness and engagement.

Wellness Retreats

Let us plan your next team building retreat. Custom retreats to supports your teams wellness. Or join our retreats in Puerto Rico in March every year.

Groups and Workshops

Ongoing groups and workshops by local artist and wellness professionals.


“I can’t begin to express how great this experience was and what it meant for me. It was one of the most heartfelt, eye-opening, soul-soothing, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I enjoyed networking and the intersect between wellness and business. I felt totally safe, welcome and appreciated in the group. I felt a deep connection with all of the participants and very related with many of their stories. It is great to not have to leave my business self at home! Thank you both! Come as you are!”

-Retreat Participant

Hired the Zen Barn to help me get my private psychiatry practice up. The team is very knowledgeable on everything behavioral health and got me up and running in no time.

-Consulting Client

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